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Dog Rings His Neighbor's Doorbell Every Day To See If His Best Dog Friend Can Come Out And Play

We all know dogs are called "man's best friend," but friendships between dogs themselves are just the stuff of cartoons, right? 

One viral video would seem to suggest otherwise, and it turns out that research on the subject agrees. Your dog is actually capable of having a dog best friend.

One of the benefits of video doorbells is hilarious and heartwarming videos like this one, in which a German shepherd comes bounding across his neighbor's front yard and leaps up onto their porch to ring their doorbell with his paw.

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As if that weren't already cuteness overload, the doggo then boops the doorbell with his nose, too, just to make absolutely sure his social call is answered expeditiously.

"The neighbor's dog always rings the doorbell to see if his best friend is home," the video's onscreen caption reads, and that is the point, of course, when everyone bursts into joyful tears.

lisegagne / Canva Pro

"If a doggy rang my doorbell, we are friends for life," one commenter wrote. "Can we see this again, but when his best friend can come to the door?" another asked.


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